D-Sub Accessories: Make The Most of Your Connector

D-Subminiature or D-Sub connectors are amongst the most versatile in the world. Used in almost every imaginable industry and application, the D-Sub has been providing connectivity solutions for decades. One of the reasons that D-Sub connectors are so versatile is that they can be fitted with a range of accessories to adapt them to different uses.

Backshells and hoods are a simple accessory that covers the rear of a D-sub connector and are designed to protect the contacts and to keep wiring tidy and compact. While conventional cables require a single entry for each connector, more backshells can provide several cable entries for daisy-chain installations. Backshells can also allow cables to exit at unusual angles, making them suitable for use in confined spaces.

Backshells perform a variety of other roles that go beyond cable protection. The modern environment is filled with electromagnetic radiation caused by a huge variety of sources. Radio waves, electrical noise from faulty equipment and even solar radiation can all disrupt electronic signals.

This is known as electromagnetic interference or EMI. Shielded backshells reduce EMI by surrounding the connector with a conductive shell. For best performance, these can be constructed from metal. However, if a lightweight system is required, a shielded backshell can be constructed from metal-coated plastic.

Apart from backshells, locking systems keep connectors secured, even in tough conditions. Along with popular threaded jackscrews, spring-loaded slide locks are available for equipment that requires quick-release connectors while still providing resistance to vibration.

D-Sub connectors provide solutions for a huge range of industries, but the connector is only part of a system. Adding accessories such as backshells, caps and locking systems make the D-Sub one of the best all-round solutions available to design engineers. Take a look at the range of D-Sub accessories available from MH to see how they could enhance your next design.

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