The Mighty D-Sub

D-Subminiature connectors, or D-Subs, have been with us for more than 6 decades. When introduced, they were a revolution in connector technology. With their low-profile design and multiple pin-count options, they were a breath of fresh air for hard-pressed electronic design engineers. Over the years, D-Subs have been joined by an array of alternative products, but they continue to be popular.


Having been adopted for a huge range of applications, the D-Sub connector is both familiar and readily available. For many engineers, they provide a tried and trusted solution for electronic circuits that is hard to beat. This familiarity is just as important for maintenance engineers, where the easy availability of D-Sub connectors lessens the challenges caused by logistical uncertainty.


The design of the D-Sub connector has been adapted for a wide variety of purposes. Expanding the range from the original 9 to 50 contacts, the high-density version provides even higher circuit counts. They are available for printed circuit board (PCB) mounting, alongside cable- and panel-mounting versions, making them amongst the most versatile connectors in the electronics industry. Backed up by an enormous range of accessories and supporting equipment, the D-Sub can provide a solution for almost every industry imaginable.

Established Solutions for Advanced Industries

The D-Sub connector has remained relevant and successful over many years of use. It is constantly being selected for new applications in advanced markets as generations of engineers rediscover the features that make it so useful. From renewable energy to the smart home, the little D-shaped connector is likely to be with us for many years to come.

MH Connectors manufactures a comprehensive range of D-subminiature connectors, complemented by a market-leading selection of hoods and accessories. Providing connector solutions for some of the most demanding applications in the electronics industry, MH Connectors has established a global reputation for excellence and reliability.

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